Hotel Policies

Check-in / Check-out Policy

Regular check-in time starts from 14:00h.
Earlier check-in is possible upon availability and is subject to additional surcharge.
Guests are advised to leave their rooms until 12:00h (noon).
Late check-out requests should be communicated with the Front Desk and are subject to additional payment of 50%. of the tailored room rate.


Reservations are possible to be made through telephone, fax or e-mail or through hotel’s official website. Reservation confirmations are delivered through guest preferred mean of communication.

Reservation cancellations

Reservations cancellations are possible without charge in case cancellation terms are applied. Non-guaranteed reservations are kept until 18:00 at the day of arrival and are cancelled with no additional charge.
Credit card or deposit guaranteed reservations can be canceled until 16:00 at the day of arrival; otherwise 1 night cancellation fee applies.

Payment Policy

The hotel accepts payments in cash (local currency only), by debit / credit cards. The hotel operates with:  MasterCard, Visa / Visa Electron, American Express.Maestro
In rare cases deposits are requested and will be specified in written.
Check Acceptance Policy

Pet Policy

No pets are allowed inside.

Alcohol Policy

Alcoholic beverage service is restricted to those 18 years or older (with valid identification).

Smoking Policy

All rooms are non-smoking.